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Main Board

"SIGH !!!!" - Wouldn't it be nice if.................... - IfWishesWereHorses
I've got the new job blues - blues
Re-employment Service Orientation (sm) - Yochana
Audits - LV
IC status question - GG
Tax Question - confused
How do you delete a post? - Just Wondering
QA rate 3.5 cents per line?? - Loves to Type
While drawing UE and you refuse a job (sm) - Yochana
Article in October's issue of Reader's Digest.... - Mist
Seems like an awful lot of patients in one shift - ns
$10 an hour - anon
Poll: Spelling Pet Peeves - I will go first (sm)
What would you do? Need some advice - worried
MT association? - mtlongtime
Misunderstood in e-mails - TT MT
Does this forum have a PM system that I'm overlooking? sm - MonkeyMind
Why is IC pay dropping so low? - puzzled
If everyone is so worried about endangering patient care.... - Fed Up
First Job-- HELP! - Em
Lph to wpm - filling out job app
Face it. Our piece of the pie is smaller. - realist
Do you think that as the economy improves that industry wide salaries will begin to improve? - Pumpkins
Power of 10 campaign - LV
Is it some new management technique not to say thank you to - employees anymore? sm
Curious, are you annoyed or energized by - sm
complete information in job ads - steady eddie
line count discrepancy in platforms - Snow Bunny
Textbooks - chris
What I got in the mail today... - mtmtmt
Charging for EMR dictation - typer247
Anyone out there heard new lowered pay for MTs is a market correction? - Mad
CMT Exam - missykb
MTs can't get a union going but medical pot - growers are represented by Teamsters now. LOL
Doncha just hate docs not dictating what they said - just me

Job Seekers Board

Immediate IC Openings for Cardiology and Rehab Medicine MTs! - Advanced Transcription, Inc.
Radiology Transcription - kenlyn
Acute Care VR Editors - Superior Global Solutions
Editscript MTs needed - The Transcription Doctors, Inc.
DISKRITER- MLS' needed for acute care - Danielle
Neurology MT needed for very difficult ESL - Clear Choice Transcription
Multiple PT Acute Care MT/MEs Needed Immediately - TransTech Medical Solutions
Cardiopulmonary MT Needed! - Synernet
EXPERIENCED REHAB MT needed immediately - MedLinks Transcription, Inc.
Oracle Transcription, Inc. is now hiring 70 ΓΆ€“ 80 F/T and P/T transcriptionists - Oracle Transcription, Inc
Ophthalmology MT needed - Medical INK

Company Board

ADIEU Focus - nn
Any current infor regarding Digital Transcription Service in Oklahoma? - nm
Advanced Medical Transcription - mtmom23
Superior Global Solutions - MT
ETransPlus. Anybody used PTO since the new - wannie
Anyone with any info or opinions on Echo Transcription? nm - MT
Nuance bought OSI and Keystrokes bought Chartnet this week. Any others? sm - Curious
The Transcription Doctors - wondering
those laid off from Webmx - sm
Is Webmedx the only MTSO with the Enterprise platform? - nm
Oracle Transcription - lovnlife
Oracle info please - alwayslooking
Medscriptions - wondering
What are Amphion line count requirements for full time? - wondering
anybody out there work for acusis? what is - going on? something is very wrong there. -n/msg
Transcend's football game - annoyed
I left WMX, and I'm glad... - txript
S1 Transcription just doesn't pay - MT Group
Amphion requires "verifiable download time"?? - EditScreech
Moderator - skeptical 100%
Licensed independent contractor - me
SoftScript Information please?? - HoppySKS
Advice - SM - Anonymous
I'm wondering if there are any MTSOs that ever just say "nice job,' sm - LTMT
JLG Transcription Services - Gerri
In filling out paperwork for SoftScript, I note I have to give them permission to check my driving - JSMT
Anyone familiar with Metro Transcription Service in NJ? - anon
MedScription Solutions - QBrat
SOOO fed up with FOCUS - anon
Message disappeared-MODERATOR - TT MT
TransTech is a great company!! - TransTech MT Monique
MTS Inc. - Lady C
OSI - Linda
MedScription Solutions - MassMT
Oracle or Landmark? - Tom72
MedScription Solutions/Medscriptions - sue
Does anybody know how much QA makes hourly at Transcend? Thinking of applying for a position. - nm
Maryland Transcription Service - Lady C
Nuance Bought OSI - OMG
Transcent pay per line ... - anyone know?
No work available at Softscript - Julia
Family Practice MT needed for P.R.N. work - Crystals Home Transcription - Curious
Is there a way to file myself? - Getting sick of excuses
MedScriptions Solutions? Anybody know about this company? nm - mqmt
netscript - marty
Transcend games - Not playing
Just another familiar vent about applying for jobs, testing, etc. - anon
MxSecure, Inc. - Anne
2 lines of editing equals 1 line for payment - anon
SoftScript - MTReno
Anybody know about Medict? - Judy
Any current Webbscribe ladies out there? - mt wondering
Who has straight typing ... - besides LM?
Job Inquiry - Lady C
DIT - anon
Cobb Medical Transcription - anon
Leaving WMX ? Re last pay - anon
Current info on eTransPlus? - LookingMT
Anybody know about SmartMed? - Thinking of applying
Need opinions on 3 companies - Transcend, Unl Tran, Oracle
ALPHA - gintex
Clear Choice Transcription - HappyNCMT
Who's bigger, Acusis or QED? nm - Curious
Volunteer transcription-where did the ad go? - oaf
WMX - question about no work/dumping - sm


Hey, whatever happened to that contest? - Shoved under the rug
Old reports in database make me embarrassed to be an MT - Errors
Does it seem like it is a lot harder to make decent lines? - mom2huskies
Did anyone else get the Email to use the QCare, and the one about having to wait to find out times f - ververyoldMQMT
Can't get into MQ Central for 2 days - Anyone else?
Seeing no difference with upgrade to 6.1 - Working MT
Does anybody else feel this way? Rant - anon
New Password - Confused
Giving notice - Wondering
For anyone sitting with jobs that won't upload - I have the solution
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!!! - Nimble Fingers
Finally - A yellow light! - Bawlin Chain
Is this 2012?? The entire communications phone, TV and now MQ have gone bonkers today! sm - ververyoldMQMT
Is this something we get down time for? - Stupified by stupidity
SOOOOO MADDDDDD!!!!!! - I give up!
DQS Down - MTr
DQS - kittykat
I wonder if my CCM has actually ever done any ASR - dnr
Maintenance tonight - - dnr
I just love how that "survey" was sent out asking us - Kiki1
QCare use - u 2?
QCare use - u 2?
Help! QCare - error message preventing ticket being sent - MT
I unchecked the "check as you type" box, but - it still does it.
It's finally over for me ... YIPPIE... BUBYE - justsomeone
Turning Off Auto Correct - anon
Baby was delivered by National delivery. - anon
Anybody able to get into MQ Central? - mt
Really, If there is an incentive going on, - Just Sayin
ASR and skip markers - frustrated MT
Paycheck messed up - Vickie
Anyone able to open MQCentral or QCare yet? NM - Shipwrecked
incentive weekend - newbiegalMT
Supervisor says I'm wasting her time asking questions - BH
spacing - frustrated MT
I am convinced. - anonymous
PTO question? - mom2huskies
MQCentral login problems? - flying fingers
My opinion on what is eventually going to happen here at MQ for us ALL..... - Kiki1
I mail - Ang
anybody else having trouble with docqscribe? sm - mqmt
People who live in Alberta, Candida - ASR here at MQ is aware of your existence
Fixing every other word in ASR - frustrated MT
Regarding IT expansion program - Maltesemom
LOl - ASR - alleries to penis, milk and Bs - Just Sayin NM
Part-time - Cambria
Low production due to IT issues - alphamt
Alt+L numbering - are we paid for this? - Daisy
Lock Down - MTr
I have had it. I get emails the other day - from my CCM stating
Salary for supervisor position - Curious
capitalizing first letter after period - frustrated mt
Contest - ripped off
Got an 800 second report -- half the time spelling - dumbdumb
Is it just my computer? - Dictionary
Corded probe neurosis for guarded prognosis - in ASR
Is it typical to have an account shared with another co? - Thanks for any info.
Beating a dead horse but... - Adios
Was the mail purge to take place today? - I still have all e-mails
Strange Days Indeed - myna byrd
Stoplight Red - mq labor
First Time Right? - Rats!!
Windows 7 64-bit OS and DQS 6.1 - yogamom
Trying not to be complainer so far, but just gets - worse by the day.


New MTs

Suggestions for Improvement of the MT Program at my College - earlymusicus
Getting started - rt
Recent Graduate MT - Stephanie Metzger
How to Unsubscribe? - dmissy
Newbie here, introducing myself - suzanne
New MT-- How much a line? - Emily
Newbies - Hiring when laying off
New MT - MayJ
Finding Experience - SB

Technical Help

Lanier x219 Voicewriter programming codes - catherine0621
I honeslty believe that I work on the most antiquated - wannie
Word Expansion - njm
Expander Advice - janie
Panasonic Microcassette Transcriber - marty
DJW voice file player - Alex
Powerscribe 40-50 reports edited per hour.... - skr
Escription/Edit Script question - Snow Bunny
ChartNet - anon
Trying to increase speed... - sat
Running Windows programs on a MAC - Wondering
dictaphone headset - Tina
dragon naturally speaking & medrite - ccnerd
Office switching to Medent digital - tjran
DQS Auto Correct - anon
PhraseExpress - disneygrandma
Transcription headset - Lorraine
foot pedal issues - Snow Bunny
Comfort Curve 2000 keeps disconnecting!! - Jen
Express Scribe upload files problem - Hard worker
Creating Macros and Autotext in MS Word 2003 - smmt
Question of word expansion software - Cathy
Why can't I open documed file? - frustrated
Best cassette transcriber? - Emily
RadNet/sticky notes - HM
Recommendations for best medical dictionary/spell check software - just ME on EC
Platform experience - nolegirl
Creating a jump macro on Radnet - daphilli

Classifieds Board

infinity foot pedals and dragon naturally speaking medical version - harle
Stedman books c-phone and mini transcriber - deb
New IN 155 Infinity foot pedal - Jean
Books, Foot Pedal -- Serious Inquiries Only - Medtran
8-Port Voice Solutions System with Wave File converter. - dancingfingers

VR/Speech Recognition

where does the extra money go? - krMT
M Modal VR - Coutney
Job board --- why would any MT with experience - work on VR for 3 cpl? see msg
M Modal Voice Recognition - Courtney
Voice Recognition - anon
ME corrections - how to get them to be incorporated into speech - alphamt
Is it me, or is DQS ASR worse every day? (sm) - Cryinginmycoffee
WMX VR - nobody knows

Offshore Concerns

Hosp. bookkeeper told me when a customer calls to talk to - insurance company, they get a center in US. But
India?? - Hunni

Word Help Board

question - dbj
Internal medicine note help - marel2
pseudarthrosis or pseudoarthrosis - unsure
Coo antibody? - dm
hyperverbose, - newmt
Neti pot? Neti Pot? Anyone know? - elljay68
Neurology H&P - razorwinch
aortic thromboembolism word help - m
History of s/l ADM in the proximal ascending colon - sm
Because or 'cause in a quote - Megan
MRI shows a medial meniscus tear of the right knee with a - s/l "clipped portion". tia nm
Is the "s" in Schmorl's node capitalized? - NCMT - nm
abdominal ct - cp
s/l mememoriali - EJ
Schmertz - kasey
Help with VNS. "Dewey" system check - Terri
word help - Mary
drug s/l ang-el-oid c ointment for hemorrhoids. - tia nm
My doctor used syncope as a verb - is this spelled the same? - dotma
Atrovent SVN - mt
chest x-ray - Zoe
cannot find this abbreviation... - sue
word help please - m
3 little words - EJ
sounds like intanted?? - sue
word help - m
s/l Protocol - EJ
Abbreviation Help - Weekend Warrior
s/l sedra? medication - whr
laryngoscope help - sm
grams and g, liter and L - doesnt make sense
Parkinson - mt
"prosthidencia" in pelvic exam (prolapse) nm - sue
Question about fragment...Is this one? - SM
MRSA question - Haylee
ortho word - Mary
fenibrinate? - gintex
Orthopedic term...(sm) - Cambria
grams or g?? - anon
HRT Drug Name - Lynn
Abbreviation for millisecond? - LMS
s/l anekarmosis - starstruck
Dermatology help!!! - Amy Marquez
Bisphosphonate or ? - mh
finger to floor distance? - r
frontal temporal headache - sphd
PTCA and stenting - tahdah
Pata Ball Injury?! - trixie
garbled words - EJ
s/l Kardian - (sm)
"strategic" markings? (in an x-ray) - Violet
S/L ovid zone of signal - anon
Indabestin ? - gintex
Ophthalmology - smmt
Autopsy Report - EJ
Undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy/ankylosing spondylitis... - sw
Autopsy Report - EJ
Laceration "EMP" repair? - goatgal
PLEASE HELP ASAP Dictator says "He has - 4/5 EHL, FHL, sm
Anyone heard of a "Dunn" device for pectus excavatum - any help MUCH appreciated
BU of thalamus? - Mia
Potential complication from laparoscopic - cholecystectomy. - s/m
foot position question - West Coast Girl
AIDS medications - PK
Mammogram - Lynn
arouse-able? - LE
s/l mucomisrige - whr
Valsalva? Watson? - Dssbugg
Word Help - Lynn
Tdap or TDaP? - Kelley
Orthopedic Surgery Instrument - Katie
Older rheumatoid arthritis medication? - Sheri
upper arm question - asdamom
NIH stroke scale arm drift - Lindsey
Op report - breast augmentation - sammypot
Below I asked a question about what - sounded like SM
s/l eo-sin-ic granuloma....SM - Ped cardio
Know of any good ophthalmology word books? - Em
Grammar question - - Indy-MT
peratinel? medication - Ccraig10
s/l fi dif U - DermMT
he is receiving s/l maxer of silver to the left heel ulcer..... - Sue
elexothymic - gintex
LEEP procedure - GYN help
OB report. "repeat C section for failed s/l "d back" ... - Kiki1
Correct spelling - Rita
s/l dyscosia - Jami
cath stent s/l Parmashot, pulmashot, permashot?? - HELP PLEASE. nm
Gastro s/l alucitidy? - undergal76
carcinoma of the pinna - cp
word help for stress incontinence patient - Lindsey
eye surgery/gussey forceps and presson blade - tricia223
BOLT (???) for pulmonary fibrosis? - ssford
meds help - asdamom
Is this a made-up word? - Teardrop
word help - susan
Cutidis (sp?) - Renismom
Nitrite or Nitrate - SometimesConfused
chlorhexidine - chris
Pt has drug allergy to s/l Ancin - nm
drug spelled out hyalaronic 100 mg daily. Any ideas? - This is actually typed out on list
brain trauma - tahdah
Assessment: TMJ dysfunction & Migraines. Plan: Naproxen 500 mg and **symmetrican** 50 mg??? - LB
SAU? - Kathy M
"Rim" enhancing cystic foci ...I have always heard ring-enhancing. - traci
CAT scan showed *verner* stroke and a superior cerebellar stroke on the left side. Thanks. nm - wilson
TheraVAC? - TX MT
MRSA? - Sheri
drug s/l rigardia 40 mg b.i.d. - TX MT
chlamydia "sitisi" - gintex
What type of nodes? - LMS
PICC line placement - s/l anestasol - cap
Drug s/l sigh-an-oh-pro-boy-amen 1000 microgram. - traci
ENS chip? - sj
ciphered revoluting stent? - amber
peri or para - asdamom
PLEASE HELP. This is a TKR and he is - saying SM
wound care medicine - s/l coumarandine??? nm - michelle
Zalapan - Lynn
on funduscopic exam, s/l dno shot bilaterally. nm - mt64
Nanograms per kilograms per minute - Lynn
RX or Rx? - hb
Fibrotibias joint space narrowing... - Sheri
wygesic - mak
Rheumatoid arthritis. - bl
patient with sciatica - tahdah
hand surgery: On exam, she has a negative (s/l Earl's test but a positive broman's sign). - No clue
white talo brittle? - Amber

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