Pregnancy :: 19 Weeks But No Movements?

I'm 19 weeks, but haven't felt my baby move yet. There's times when I think I feel it but I'm not sure. Is it normal to still not feel movements at this stage?

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Pregnancy :: 26 Weeks - Not Enough Movements?

I am a ftm and I am currently 26 weeks and I just can't get enough of my little guy's movement...Any moms out there get just excited as I am?

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Pregnancy :: Not Feeling Any Movements - 20 Weeks

Is it normal not to feel any movements and I'm nearly 20 weeks and a couple days ?

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Pregnancy :: 26 Weeks - Should I Feel Movements

I'm 22 weeks and 6 days should I feel my baby move ?

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Pregnancy :: 16 Weeks And No Baby Movements?

Am 16 wks today and can't feel the baby move still

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Pregnancy :: Movements - Off And On

I do feel ten movements in less than an hour sometimes but sometimes I don't feel any movement for a little bit the movements aren't every hour of every day is that normal cause they sleep sometimes?

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Pregnancy :: How Often You Feel The Movements?

How often should you feel your little one move? I'm 25 weeks and my baby moves once a day with at least 5-7 kicks at a time. Should I be worried?

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Pregnancy :: Movements At Certain Time Of Day

I'm 19 Weeks & It's Sooo Funny Because I Only Feel Movements At The Bottom Of My Tummy At A Certain Time Of The Day , It Always Happens When I'm At My Mother's House & At Night.

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Pregnancy :: No Movements Since Yesterday

Is it OK if my baby is active all the baby girl has been moving since yesterday around 3pm

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Pregnancy :: Baby Movements Not Like What They Used To Be

I'm 28 weeks pregnant & my baby hasn't been moving like she use to . Should I been concerned ? Should I go see a doctor ?

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Pregnancy :: Baby Movements Not Much As Used To Be

39 weeks and baby isn't moving as much as she usually does . I've heard the further you get & baby grows they dont have much room , but should i be concerned ? I have an OB appt. Tomorrow , should i bring it up ?

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Pregnancy :: Less Than 10 Movements An Hour?

anyone at 28 weeks or more actually keep track of the 10 movements every hour?

Is less really a problem?

my baby moves around the same times everyday but there are certain times a day that  she doesn't but its always been the same since i could feel her move at 20 weeks. Like if she's sleeping or something so my question is, do you really have to call your doctor if for one hour she/he doesn't move at least 10 times?

Have any of your baby's had a similar rotation or schedule i guess you can call it, for movement?

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Pregnancy :: Not So Strong Movements

Im 26+2 pregnant and my sons movements aren't as strong as it used to be:/ he used to move around like crazy and make my belly look all weird now all I feel is little flutters. Is something wrong? Should I be worried?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Painful Movements

Am I the only one whose baby just moves and it hurts soooo much. Its not even cute anymore, it just hurts. His kicks are soo strong, and he moves sooooo much.

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Pregnancy :: When Will I Feel Movements

I'm Pregnant With My Third Child AND I Would like to know when will I feel movements !! I'm 15 wks , I think I've been feeling some flutters but not sure.My other kids are spaced out by five years each, I cant remember when I felt they movements!

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: No Baby Movements As It Used To Be

I'm almost 27 weeks and I've noticed my baby not moving as much as he used to. I wonder if this is normal? He used to move all day every day, now  is just a few times a day and not very much, he gets more active at night time now, he might be moving while I sleep but I'm such a heavy sleeper maybe I don't notice? I'm planning on talking to my midwife tomorrow anyway but any advice would be awesome, thanks ladies!

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Movements Hurts

Anyone else 32 almost 33 weeks n every time your baby moves it hurts?

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Pregnancy :: Baby Movements Once In A While

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I only feel the baby once in awhile some days not at all is this normal?

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Pregnancy :: Butterfly Movements?

I a little movement in my tummy it feels kind of soft. But am I feeling the baby move a little? Im almost 15 weeks. I thought u couldnt feel anything until like 5 months

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